I help small businesses & solo entrepreneurs find their story & bring it to life at the word/pixel level with well-designed visual statements.

JRH is not an agency, I am a creative entrepreneur working with individuals, teams and small businesses without agency-sized budgets. If environmental sustainability is important to your business, as an individual member of One Percent for the Planet, I want to work with you. Let's talk.

Free up your time

It's almost launch-day. Suddenly you're running out of time; decisions need to be made, and everyone and their aunt is clamouring for your attention. For this project, I wrote and designed the press pack for a new eCommerce business, freeing them up to do the work only they could.

Work with me

Work with the same company for long enough, and you get to know their editorial calendar almost as well as they do. For Plastic-free July, I designed a landing page for a company whose ethos is sustainability. They built their campaign around the concept and used it to connect with new customers.

Ask me about design

How can I help? Amazon FBA seller looking for someone to help brand your product and design your packaging? New Squarespace website taking too long to load? Can't connect your domain to your site or your analytics to your subdomain? Need a thumbnail for your Youtube video? A 45-second video promo of your new product for Instagram? Or a t-shirt for squad-days? Get in touch.

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