Gvouchers are Gift Vouchers available to loyal customers and soon to be loyal customers.

There are a few ways to use Gvouchers:

  • to spread the cost of a project between busy and less busy periods
  • to buy for someone else; time is the greatest gift and if you can save the entrepreneur in your life the time they need to focus on their customers, you surely would
  • to help launch your friend's great idea, the one they're always talking, but don't do anything, about 
  • to help out your favourite creator during the strangest of times.

Buy Gvouchers.


How long do they last? Gvouchers last for 2 years.

What does 'Fees Credit' mean? Fees credit means that the value of the voucher is set against the fees you pay for my copywriting and design/creative services.

The value is in US dollars, is that a problem? The founder of Gvouchers intends to add other currencies down the line, but for now, we'll use the conversion rate that Paypal applies at the time of purchase.

More FAQ's from the GVouchers website:

FAQ: How much does it cost?

Gvouchers is a free service and takes no commission whatsoever. The transaction happens directly in the owner's PayPal account.

FAQ: But nothing is really free...

True true. There is no commission if the customer has an existing PayPal account in the same country as the business owner. But there is a 2.9% + 0.30c PayPal fee if the customer uses a credit card. So if someone buys a $100 Gift Voucher the fee is $3.20 ($2.90 + 0.30c) leaving the recipient $96.80. It's worth noting that if you were taking payment in your store there would be a transaction fee at that point. After this Gift Voucher transaction there are no more fees.

FAQ: What are the other currencies and payment options?

Right now Gvouchers only accepts USD using PayPal. PayPal however does a local currency conversion for your customer if needed.

FAQ: Who runs Gvouchers?

Rob Hope - a designer/developer from Cape Town, South Africa.